12inch to 14inch Silver Royal Wylie Youth Wade Saddle 401

Silver Royal plays with borders and takes a spin from the traditional saddle style with this Wylie Youth Saddle. The two surfaces complement each other with two different textures—a weave patterned leather and rough out leather. ~@~@This saddle is light—weighing only 24 pounds so your child can maneuver it. The Dropped rigging makes it less bulky and the back cinch ensures less movement. ~@~@SADDLE FEATURES~@Full Quarter Bars~@In Skirt Rigging~@Weight: 24 lbs.~@Blevins Style Quick Change Buckles~@Neoprene in Skirt~@SPECIFICATIONS~@Horn: 2”~@Swell: 9 1/2” A Front~@Gullet: 6 1/2”~@Cantle: 8”~@Skirt: 18” x 21”