13.5inch to 16.5inch Circle Y Fischer Treeless Daisy Barrel 1309

Tammy Fischer Treeless Barrel Racer 1309~@Made In The USA~@Allowing you to connect with your horse in ways not possible with a traditional saddle_ this Tammy Fischer Treeless design offers freedom of movement for your horse and a close contact feel for the rider. ~@~@This saddle caters to the rider that likes an upright swell and 5inch cantle_ adding additional security as you turn and burn. ~@~@Forward hung fenders keep your feet in front of you. ~@~@Giving up the tree doesn’t mean you have to give up the style! This barrel saddle is hand tooled with a bold floral pattern. Trimmed with antique daisy conchos and a twisted cantle binding. ~@~@This 1309 model comes with a taller 3inch horn. For a shorter horn_ please see our 1308 model.~@~@~@~@SPECIAL FEATURES~@Treeless design for unrestricted movement and comfort_ close contact between horse and rider~@Neoprene skirts absorb shock and distribute weight~@Biothane stirrup leathers are flexible_ lightweight_ durable_ and strong~@Forward hung fenders help keep your legs from getting behind you~@~@SPECIFICATIONS~@Seat Size: 13.5inch 14.5inch 15.5inch 16.5inch~@Saddle Fit: Regular or Wide~@Color: Regular oil or Ultra Lite~@Cantle: 5inch~@Horn: 3inch neck~@Swell: 12.5inch~@Skirt Size: 13.5inch seat is 24inch_ 14.5inch seat is 25inch_ 15.5inch seat is 26inch_ 16.5inch seat is 27inch~@Weight: Approximately 26 lbs.