13.5inch to 17inch Circle Y Martha Josey Ultimate Lightspeed Barrel Saddle

Martha Josey Ultimate Lightspeed Barrel Saddle 1151~@Made In The USA~@Barrel saddle that offers all the bells and whistles and has an extra bonus of being very lightweight. Ultimate Lightspeed is lined with synthetic skirting that allows there to be a reduce weight compared to other Martha Josey Ultimate Barrel saddles. ~@~@Available in half sizes from 13.5inch to 17inch. A tall 4inch cantle and vertical horn give you the presence and security to ride with confidence.~@~@~@~@~@SPECIFICATIONS~@Seat Sizes: 13_ 13.5”_ 14”_ 14.5”_ 15”_ 15.5inch_ 16”_ 17”~@Seat: Suede seat~@Color: Chocolate Daisy~@Hardware: Copper Berry~@Tooling: None~@Horn: 4” Neck_ 1 3/4” Cap~@Tree: Josey Ultimate DURAhide Regular and Wide~@Skirt: 11” D x 24” L~@Rigging: 7/8 In-Skirt C~@Swell: 13”~@Cantle: 4 1/2inch~@Weight: 17 lbs