14.5inch to 16inch Billy Cook Arena Roping Saddle 2147

Billy Cook Arena Roping Saddle 2147~@One of the few Billy Cook ropers that comes standard in their Chestnut color. Billy has designed this saddle on his rawhide covered wood tree with a strong on-tree full double rigging. Included is a matching rear flank and Billy Cook 27 stand cinch.~@~@This saddle is built to the highest quality using skilled craftsman and even Billy himself.~@~@You’ll love the deep_ hand tooled waffle pattern from the pommel to the fenders and everywhere in between.~@~@A rawhide wrapped horn and twisted cantle binding give this saddle the signature Billy Cook look. And if that’s not enough_ everyone will know you’re riding in a Billy Cook with stamped logos and silver caps everywhere you look.~@~@Other features include the quilted seat_ silver trim_ rawhide roper stirrups_ and half breed off billet.~@Specifications~@~@ Tree: Rawhide covered wood Q.H. bars~@ Seat Size:14.5inch – 16inch quilted~@ Horn: 2 1/2inch post~@ Swell: 13inch hand tooled~@ Cantle: 4inch rawhide laced~@ Rigging: Full double stainless steel~@ Skirts: Artificial wool lined~@ Skirt Length: 26inch~@ Rear Cinch: 27 strand roper~@ Stirrups: Roper rawhide laced~@ Pattern: Waffle stamped with waffle border~@ Finish: Chestnut~@ Weight: Approximately 37 lbs.