15.5inch to 16.5inch Billy Cook Classic Pro Reiner 6000

Buy a reining saddle that the rest will try to imitate. This saddle by Billy Cook is truly a classic. ~@~@Built from Billy’s reining rawhide covered tree_ this saddle features a low reiner horn_ mohair cinch_ and bell stirrups. And we challenge you to find more beautiful hand stamping. From the swell to the skirt_ this saddle is a work of art. ~@~@*Saddle may not come with silver tips ~@SPECIFICATIONS~@Tree: Classic reiner_ rawhide covered Quarter horse bars~@Seat Size: 16inch_ 16 1/2inch and 17inch~@Horn: Low reiner~@Swell: 12inch hand stamped~@Cantle: 3inch hand stamped~@Rigging: Full double~@Skirts: Artificial wool lined 29inch~@Cinch: 27 strand~@Stirrups: 2inch Bell sewn and hand stitched~@Pattern: Hand stamped basket and border tooled~@Weight: Approximately 36 lbs.~@BILLY COOK COLOR OPTIONS~@Due to a variation in leather process and photography_ the color you receive my vary from these examples. ~@~@Although through the years many have tried to imitate Billy Cook products_ even to the point of counterfeiting_ THERE IS ONLY ONE GENUINE inchBILLY COOK CLASSIC SADDLEinch MANUFACTURER. HorseSaddleShop.com is happy to sell the Genuine Billy Cook saddles made in Sulphur_ Oklahoma_ owned by Mr. Billy Cook. There are other saddle manufacturers that sell their own Billy Cook saddles. If you buy a Billy Cook saddle be sure that it is manufactured in Sulphur_ Oklahoma.