15.5inch Used Jack Brainard Reiner Saddle usjb4193

15.5inch Used Jack Brainard Reiner Saddle usjb4193~@Jack Brainard has some of the best made saddles out of Tioga_ Texas for arena performance. If you’re needing a saddle for reining_ cowboy dressage or western dressage_ this is the one for you! Jack puts a premium on close contact design in the skirts and tree to get you and your horse to have the best feel. ~@~@The low horn stays out of the way and the tear drop fenders make your knees comfortable. The Olin Young tree has a nice flat angle to set well on most arena horses. It’s made with Herman Oak Leather and details hand tooling!~@~@SPECIFICATIONS~@BRAND: Jack Brainard~@MODEL: Special~@SADDLE TYPE: Reiner~@TREE SIZE: Medium~@TREE MATERIAL: Rawhide covered wood~@SEAT SIZE: 15.5inch~@SEAT MATERIAL: Leather~@CANTLE HEIGHT: 3.5inch~@SWELL WIDTH: 12.5inch~@HORN SIZE: 2-3/4inch x 2-1/4inch Pelican~@RIGGING: Full – Double~@HARDWARE: Stainless Steel~@SKIRT LENGTH: 27inch~@WEIGHT: Approx. 36 lbs