15.5inch_ 16inch Billy Cook Wade Ranch Mule Saddle 2285

Built to mimic the popular Arbuckle Wade Ranch Saddle_ this little brother (2285) has all the style and features our horse owners enjoy_ now on a mule tree. ~@~@Designed for the flatter back line of a mule_ you’ll enjoy the rawhide covered mule tree_ crafted for strength and durability. ~@~@The 7/8 flat plate double rigging is perfect for uneven terrain. The flat plate rigging removes some of the bulk under the fenders and jockey without sacrificing strength and performance. Unlike the Arbuckle Wade_ this mule version comes with a rear crupper ring. ~@~@The hard seat makes long trips in the saddle a breeze_ serving to keep you cool and offer easy mounts/dismounts. ~@~@Like its big brother_ the Arbuckle_ this mule version features the same deep hand stamped waffle border tooling in your choice of chestnut or pecan. ~@~@The 4inch rawhide bound cantle looks good and keeps you secure on the trail. ~@~@Other features include long strings for equipment_ 3inch rawhide roper stirrups_ and a 27 strand mohair cinch. ~@~@At 42lb. it’s not light_ but it’s built to last generations. ~@SPECIFICATIONS~@Tree: Wade rawhide covered~@Seat Size: 16inch~@Horn: 4inch short post~@Swell: 9inch hand tooled~@Cantle: 4inch straight roll~@Rigging: 7/8 double rig~@Skirts: Artificial wool lined 26 1/2inch~@Cinch: 27 strand~@Stirrups: 3inch deep roper rawhide covered and laced~@Pattern: Hand stamped in waffle border_ smooth seat and fender~@Weight: Approximately 42 lbs.