15inch to 17inch Billy Cook Wade Tree Saddle 2181

This Billy Cook is one of our Top 10 best selling saddles year after year. Maybe it’s the deep hand tooled 3/4 basket design_ or the no frills bullet proof ranch saddle that it is… either way_ it’s a favorite among our very knowledgable customers. ~@~@Billy designed this saddle from the tree up for heavy duty work. Wrapped in rawhide for strength_ durability_ and weather protection. The strong 7/8 position flat plate rigging is a great compromise between on-tree and in-skirt rigging – giving you the close contact you need for precise cues without sacrificing strength and durability. ~@~@A solid post horn with wrap is more than enough for any kind of roping_ on top of a 9inch wade style swell ideal for free leg movement and all day comfort. ~@~@A 4inch cantle brings up the rear_ trimmed with a rawhide pencil roll binding and more of Billy’s basket stamping. ~@~@This saddle comes standard with a 27 strand Mohair cinch_ roper stirrups_ and brass hardware. ~@~@With signature Billy Cook logos on the fenders_ cantle_ and skirt everyone will know you’re riding in the real thing! ~@~@Plain and simple_ this is a well built work-horse that looks and rides like a custom saddle. At this price point_ you’re getting more than what you pay for! ~@~@SPECIFICATIONS~@Tree: Wade rawhide covered Q.H. bars~@Seat Size: 15inch_ 15 1/2inch and 16inch_ hard seat~@Horn: Post horn with wrap~@Swell: 9inch leather covered~@Cantle: 4inch rawhide bound~@Rigging: 7/8 position Flat plate rigging with brass hardware~@Skirts: Synthetic wool lined~@Skirt Length: 26 1/4inch~@Cinch: 27 strand~@Stirrups: Comes with Roper stirrups unless Oxbow specified on order~@Pattern: 3/4 basket stamped~@Weight: Approximately 42 lbs.~@BILLY COOK COLOR OPTIONS~@Due to a variation in leather process and photography_ the color you receive my vary from these examples. ~@~@Although through the years many have tried to imitate Billy Cook products_ even to the point of counterfeiting_ THERE IS ONLY ONE GENUINE inchBILLY COOK CLASSIC SADDLEinch MANUFACTURER. HorseSaddleShop.com is happy to sell the Genuine Billy Cook saddles made in Sulphur_ Oklahoma_ owned by Mr. Billy Cook. There are other saddle manufacturers that sell their own Billy Cook saddles. If you buy a Billy Cook saddle be sure that it is manufactured in Sulphur_ Oklahoma.~@