16inch 17inch Billy Cook Arbuckle Rancher 2171

You haven’t sat in a Billy Cook until you’ve sat in a Billy Cook ranch saddle! And the Arbuckle Ranch series takes these hard working saddles to a new level.~@~@Under the hood you’ll find all the genuine Billy Cook features you’d expect – Rawhide covered full quarter horse bars_ top grain leather_ strong flat plate rigging_ and of course_ the signature Billy Cook stamp on the fenders_ cantle_ and skirt.~@~@But this saddle doesn’t stop there. Billy has dressed this work horse up with a basket tooling and brass hardware.~@~@Billy’s 5inch cantle will keep you secure and comfortable during long days in the saddle. A strong 4inch post horn sets on top of the generous 14inch swell.~@~@Don’t settle for any other ranch saddle. When you buy a genuine Billy Cook_ you’re buying a saddle that will become a family heirloom – passed down for generations.~@Specifications:~@~@ Tree: Rawhide Covered_ Full Quarter Horse Bars~@ Seat Size: 16inch 17inch~@ Horn: 4inch Post horn with wrap~@ Swell: 14inch Leather Covered~@ Cantle: 5inch~@ Rigging: Flat Plate Rigging with Brass Hardware; 7/8 position~@ Skirts: 28inch~@ Cinch:~@ Stirrups: 3inch Bell Rawhide covered~@ Tooling: Waffle Border~@ Color: Chestnut~@ Weight: Approximately 45 lbs.