16inch-19inch Big Horn Synthetic Trail Saddle 256

Another great cordura creation from Big Horn_ the obvious feature is in the 19” roughout seat size. There aren’t too many saddle options available in a 19”_ and the ones that are usually carry a heavy price tag or are custom orders. ~@~@With this cordura_ not only is it a 19”_ but Big Horn has managed to keep it down to 20lb. ~@~@This saddle is built on a fiberglass covered wood tree with quarter horse bars (Big Horn’s medium plus size). ~@~@Featuring smooth leather front and jockeys_ leather conchos_ and dees for attaching saddle strings. ~@~@Made in the USA. ~@~@SPECIFICATIONS~@Tree: Fiberglass covered wood tree_ quarter horse bars.~@Cantle: 4inch with 1 1/2inch Cheyenne roll.~@Rigging: 7/8 position single front rigging_ heavy stainless steel dees.~@Fenders: 19inch X 8inch_ 2inch leather reinforced nylon stirrup straps with stainless steel buckles.~@Skirts: 29.5inch X 12.5inch_ fleece lined.~@Seat: Roughout_ Padded.~@Stirrups: Ralide with laced leather foot pad.~@Trim: Smooth leather front and jockeys_ cordura nylon skirts_ fenders and housings_ leather conchos_ breast collar dees_ dees for attaching saddle strings.~@Weight: Approximately 20lb.