16inch Big Horn Cheyenne Ranch Rider 1954

Get some work done in the Cheyenne Ranch Rider! All roughout for the rough cowboy rancher. Built solid on a Will James bullhide covered wood tree that is as tough as it sounds and gives the rider a great grip on the swell. The Full-QH Bars fit well on the working horse with muscle.~@~@Don’t wimp out on the rigging either! This saddle is double rigged_ reinforced_ and comes complete with the rear flank strap. This saddle isn’t going anywhere from your horse’s back!~@~@Premium features include a hand shaped Winston/Hughes ground seat_ made by expert craftsmen for that glove fit in the seat. The fenders are pre-set with 5inch deep roper stirrups that give your feet a lot of support for all day riding.~@~@The unique latigo buck stitching_ rawhide covered horn and cantle_ and slotted silver conchos give your saddle a one-of-a-kind look!