16inch Big Horn Haflinger Cordura Saddle 295

A big saddle for a big horse without sacrificing weight. That’s the name of the game for this 16” Big Horn cordura. Built on Big Horn’s Wide Plus Ralide tree designed specifically for a Haflinger with 7/8 position single front stainless steel dee and weighing in at a mere 20lb. ~@~@The long_ full skirt gives this saddle a traditional look along with silver conchos and dees for attaching saddle stings. ~@~@Made in the USA. ~@~@SPECIFICATIONS~@Tree: Ralide_ with bars designed to fit the Haflinger.~@Gullet: Wide Plus~@Seat: grainout padded~@Skirt Length: 28inch~@Cantle Height: 4inch~@Trim: Silver conchos~@Finish: Brown~@Weight: Approx. 20lb.