16inch Big Horn Synthetic Saddle 105 106

This cordura saddle weighs in at a mere 20lb. and features a short 27inch skirt for better freedom and comfort for your horse. ~@~@Built on an Equifit fiberglass covered wood tree with quarter horse bars (medium plus) and 13” barrel front to keep you secure in the seat. ~@~@Youll also enjoy the security and comfort of the 16inch roughout padded seat and Ralide laced stirrups with padded footbed. ~@~@Featuring a lower 3inch horn_ leather conchos_ leather front_ and leather cantle binding. ~@~@Constructed from cordura nylon with leather reinforced stirrup straps. ~@~@Made in the USA. ~@Specifications~@Tree: Fiberglass covered wood tree_ 13inch barrel front_ quarter horse bars ~@Cantle: 4inch with 1.5inch Cheyenne roll ~@Seat: 16inch roughout padded ~@Horn: 3inch x 2.5inch ~@Gullet Width: Medium Plus ~@Gullet Height: 6.25inch ~@Rigging: 7/8 position single front stainless steel dees ~@Skirts: 27inch x 12inch_ Oregon round_ fleece lined_ slotted and reinforced for installing flank billets ~@Fenders: 19inch x 8inch_ 2inch leather reinforced nylon stirrup straps with stainless steel buckles ~@Stirrups: Ralide with laced leather foot pad ~@Finish: Black or Brown ~@Trim: cordura nylon skirts_ housings_ and fenders_ leather conchos_ leather front and cantle binding ~@Weight: Approximately 20 lbs.