16inch Used Circle Y Flex2 Reining Sierra Nevada 1560 uscy4209

16inch Used Circle Y Flex2 Reining Sierra Nevada 1560 uscy4209~@Sometimes you ask yourself_ can they really keep making saddles any better? The answer is yes! This Julie Goodnight Reiner by Circle Y has tons of features that make it a great saddle for arena performance. You’ll love the dished seat and softee leathers that get you in a good position. ~@~@The close contact cut skirt has a slip knot leather liner to help prevent slippage. Circle Y also put a layer of XPG Gel under the bars which is basically like Dr. Scholls for your horse! There’s also a neo-shock skirt filler which dissipates shock between horse and rider. Plus! The Flex2 tree has a tunnel skirt to help airflow over your horses back. So many features that the only thing it’s missing is a new rider!~@~@SPECIFICATIONS~@BRAND: Circle Y~@MODEL: Julie Goodnight Sierra Nevada 1560~@SADDLE TYPE: Reiner~@TREE SIZE: Medium~@TREE MATERIAL: Flex2~@SEAT SIZE: 16inch~@SEAT MATERIAL: Leather~@CANTLE HEIGHT: 3.5inch~@SWELL WIDTH: 12inch~@HORN SIZE: 2.5inch x 2inch~@RIGGING: 7/8 Western Dee~@HARDWARE: Stainless Steel~@SKIRT LENGTH: 28inch~@WEIGHT: Approx. 27 lbs