16inch Used CTK Gaited Endurance GAF001-A usck4199

16inch Used CTK Gaited Endurance GAF001-A usck4199~@CTK Saddlery makes one of the best Paso Fino saddles out there (as well as other gaited horses). It has a tree with nice flare and short bars. The bars are padded to reduce pressure points. Riders love the feel of the padded knee roll along with the special CTK endurance stirrups that are straightened to the riding position so they’re ready for you! ~@~@*seat measures 16inchinch to where the seat padding starts_ then it’s a laid back angle cantle~@~@SPECIFICATIONS~@BRAND: CTK~@MODEL: GAF001-A~@SADDLE TYPE: Gaited Endurance~@TREE SIZE: Medium~@TREE MATERIAL: Fiberglass covered wood~@SEAT SIZE: 16inch~@SEAT MATERIAL: Quilted Leather~@CANTLE HEIGHT: 4inch~@SWELL WIDTH: 9inch~@HORN SIZE: N/A~@RIGGING: V Shaped~@HARDWARE: Stainless Steel~@SKIRT LENGTH: 23inch~@WEIGHT: Approx. 22.5 lbs