17.5inch Used Tucker Flex Trail High Pains 260 ustk4210

17.5inch Used Tucker Flex Trail High Pains 260 ustk4210~@It’s rare to find a 17.5inch seat size with under a 25inch skirt! Tucker made this High Plains with a rounded_ short skirt to fit short coupled horses. It has a cinch for the enduro rigging or with the western dee_ you can easily change it to standard western or enduro single tie rigging. Give us a call if you need help or have questions! ~@~@The High Plains 260 model is Tucker’s all-time best seller. The gel cush seat makes a relaxing ride and the seat security is amazing. The combination of comfort and security makes you feel like you’re lounging in your favorite recliner! ~@~@*includes enduro cinch~@~@SPECIFICATIONS~@BRAND: Tucker~@MODEL: High Plains 260~@SADDLE TYPE: Trail~@TREE SIZE: Wide~@TREE MATERIAL: Durahide covered wood~@SEAT SIZE: 17.5inch~@SEAT MATERIAL: Quilted Leather~@CANTLE HEIGHT: 5inch~@SWELL WIDTH: 14inch~@HORN SIZE: 2-3/4inch x 2-3/4inch~@RIGGING: Enduro Balanced Double Tie Rigging~@HARDWARE: Brass~@SKIRT LENGTH: 24.5inch~@WEIGHT: Approx. 29 lbs