5 Star 100% Mohair Roper Cinch WR31

5 Star 100% Mohair Roper Cinch~@5Star Equine’s 100% Mohair cinches are all handmade in the USA! The all-natural material provides a comfortable and secure platform for your horse tack for saddle performance and fit. ~@~@ The cinch cord is an 8 ply and is hand laced onto stainless steel or brass flat buckles and rings. ~@~@ Mohair has been known for years to have the same therapeutic and comfort values as 100% wool felt. ~@~@~@Specifications~@•31 Strand woven roper of 100% natural honey mohair ~@•Two layers of 8-ply_ 100% Mohair cord to wick away sweat and prevent galling ~@•A center width of 8 1/2inch to spread the pressure on your horse’s abdomen over a larger surface area ~@•Flat stainless steel D rings buckles to prevent rolling and pinching ~@•Woven cinch center D-rings that have been secured by wrapping the nylon webbing in the same soft_ natural mohair that is used on the rest of the cinch ~@