5 Star Saddle Pad Cleaner & Soak

5 Star has spent years developing this PH neutral cleaner that uses a microbial & enzyme action to clean and protect your pad!~@CLEANS+FRESHENS+PRESERVES+SOFTENS~@Superior cleaning for wool and other types of saddle pads. Breaks down and softens the tough crust_ sweat_ grime and hair. Use regularly to improve the look_ smell and feel of your pad while extending its useful life. Works on horse blankets_ tack_ carpets_ clothing_ boots_ and even cleans your truck and trailer.~@Instructions for use:~@Surface Cleaning: Remove excess hair with a 5 star sponge or a rubber curry comb. Spray directly on underside of saddle pad until completely wet. Allow to set up to 30 minutes then brush crust & hair away before rinsing well with a water hose using gentle water pressure (do not use pressure washer).~@Continue to rinse from the middle toward the outside edges until water runs clear. Repeat as needed. Deep Cleaning: Mix 6-8 oz. of concentrate per one gallon of warm water. Submerge the saddle pad and allow it to soak overnight~@(8-10 hours). Agitate periodically to work solution into pad fibers. Rinse under gentle water pressure. Allow to air dry. Always spot test first on a small_ inconspicuous area if being used on a sensitive fabric or surface.