Breyer Spirit of the Horse 1816 Buckeye

Dressage Mule~@When you think of a mule_ does an image of a stubborn pack animal come to mind? Well_ Buckeye is here to show the world otherwise! A flashy 2008 leopard Appaloosa John mule owned by Christina Gregory_ Buckeye is making a name for himself in the dressage arena. Buckeye is trained and shown by Sammi Majors_ who shares “The wonderful thing about dressage is that any breed can do it.” When it comes to training mules_ Sammi points out that not much differs except that mules don’t care for repetitive exercises_ and they retain their training well. The pair also does a lot of cross training_ including over fences classes at mule shows. Currently competing in Open 2nd Level and Open 1st Level Freestyle_ one of their proudest achievements was scoring a 70.3% in their 1st Level Freestyle at the 2017 National Dressage show in Tryon under an “O” rated judge. While their appearance may differ from that of their typical dressage competition_ Sammi and Buckeye are happy to share the mule love and add some fantastic floppy ears to the show ring.