Circle Y Kenda Lenseigne Black Powder Mounted Shooter Saddle

Designed by Overall World Champion Cowboy Mounted Shooter Kenda Lenseigne from the tree out. Built on the conforming Circle Y Flex2® tree_ the Neo-Shock™ skirt absorbs shock through a neoprene filler and conforms to the horse’s back for comfort_ and is light weight for horse and rider comfort. The padded_ chocolate suede seat has a 4 1/2″ cantle to help keep you balanced in the seat pocket to stay with your horse during those fast turns. This is a classy saddle that will free your horse_ is lightweight for you_ and will be comfortable as you burn through the shooting patterns!~@~@Special mounted shooting features include: low swell and horn tilted forward for extra space when reaching for guns; roughout seat jockey and fenders_ suede seat_ and aluminum stirrups; stirrup leather positioner allows rider to customize fender position; cell phone holder on far flank cinch billet; dropped front rigging eliminates bulk under rider’s leg; silver and antique copper alternating spot trim with antique copper cross conchos; silver laced rawhide cantle binder; rawhide braided horn; pre-twisted stirrup leathers; matching flank cinch set is included. Available seat sizes are 13″_ 13 1/2″_ 14″_ 14 1/2″_ 15″_ 16″. Regular and wide tree choice.~@~@Correct saddle fit for your performance horse is paramount. Use these general guidelines to hep you decide which tree fit will work best for your horse. We recommend a Regular tree size for a horse with a defined wither_ a Wide for a horse with a round_ or mutton wither. Learn more about saddle fit here.~@~@Flex2® saddles are designed to include comfort features for both the horse and rider that work in synergy with the Flex2® tree. Only Circle Y has the exclusive Flex2® tree design which uses a rigid ground seat for rider support_ a high density bar which disperses rider weight_ and low density bar which is against the horse and provides give for freedom of movement. This results in a lightweight saddle that will never get wider over time_ flex in half_ or overflex to create pressure points if properly fitted. Give yourself and your horse the lightweight comfort you’ve been craving!~@~@Kenda Lenseigne_ Overall World Champion_ Overall National Champion_ four-time World Point Champion Cowgirl_ and holder of six World Records_ is one of Cowboy Mounted Shooting’s most renowned competitors across the nation. Kenda has raised the bar in Cowboy Mounted Shooting as a competitor_ instructor and clinician.~@~@FLEX2® TREE TECHNOLOGY-FLEXIBLE FOR THE HORSE LIGHTWEIGHT FOR THE RIDER:~@~@Flexible tree design conforms to a horse’s back~@Flex2® skirts have a shock absorbing neoprene filler for the horse and rider’s comfort~@The original Circle Y Flex2® saddles are built for fit_ weight_ and comfort