Fabri-Tech Cush-n-air Contest Saddle Pad 28inchL x 28inchD 7702

28inch x 28inch Contest Saddle Pad~@~@Does your saddle really fit you and your horse?~@~@The Cush-N-Air was designed with 6 layers of benefits: ~@Brushed Nylon (Fab-u-Lor) Soft comfort surface next to horse. Vertical airflow. ~@1/4inch Open Cell Foam Cushion_ Wicking_ and Airflow. ~@Nylon Sheet Strength and Vertical Airflow. ~@3-Dimensional Mesh Stability and Airflow- vertical and horizontal. ~@3/4inch Perforated Protech Pad Super shock absorbition. Limited airflow. Proper weight distribution. Acts as shim to fit saddle to back. ~@Vinyl Coated Mesh Strength_ Airflow_ Abrasion resistant_ and Anti-slip.~@ ~@~@~@Most professional trainers and riders will agree that without buying a custom made saddle for every horse you ride_ the correct pad is your only salvation. Knowing that saddles are made for the average back we are faced with the frustrating task of accommodating it to the horse. The perfect saddle fit will reduce stress by putting uniform pressure on the horse’s back. The spine and withers_ of course_ should bear no weight at all. As simple as it may sound_ it’s not. Horses come in different shapes and sizes just as people. The Pro-Tech closed cell perforated inserts in the Cush-N-Air pad act as shims_ redistributing the weight over a large area_ thereby reducing the pressure per square inch.~@~@~@~@Cush-N-Air: The greatest possible PROTECTION from soring & abrasion. ~@Completely WASHABLE – Rinse off with hose. ~@LIGHTWEIGHT ~@Firm cusion SHAPES NATURALLY. ~@This pad keeps a COOLER BACK using less energy inperspiration – will increase endurance. ~@Contoured to fit the horse’s back for a more comfortable fit_ keeping a CLOSE CONTACT. ~@The Cush-N-Air Pad is a TOTAL PADDING SYSTEM_ designed to be used without an over or under pad.