M&F Crumrine Rough Stock Bull Rider Buckle C08669

Crumrine Black Inlay_ Rough Stock Bull Riding Belt Buckle~@~@3 1/2inch x 4 1/8inch~@~@EXPERIENCE: As Crumrine enters its second half-century in business_ one thing is for sure – the company has more experience in the design_ production_ distribution and sales of western buckles and accessories than any other manufacturer. No one else can make this claim. ~@ ~@~@INNOVATION: The company’s founder_ Charles Crumrine_ actually pioneered the most prominent manufacturing processes (later used by other companies) to make western buckles and accessories. In this new century_ Crumrine continues to push the boundaries of innovation by experimenting with alternative production methods and materials_ and then implementing the best results of both into each subsequent product release. ~@ ~@~@ORIGINALITY: Crumrine products have always represented inchoriginalinch styles and designs – a fact that out customers have come to rely on. One look at the offerings of other manufacturers and it is easy to spot their attempts to inchknock-offinch the look and feel of top selling Crumrine merchandise. ~@ ~@~@QUALITY: Each product we make goes through no less than fifteen manufacturing processes. Our penchant for perfection is a common thread held by each skilled craftsman from blanking to boxing. Some manufacturers may say this level of detail and quality control is overkill_ but our customers wouldn’t change a thing. ~@ ~@~@PRIDE OF WORKMANSHIP: We encourage all our customers to make direct comparisons between Crumrine products and similar offerings by other manufacturers. Our competition is not so bold. We want our customers to inspect_ feel and personally evaluate what this market segment has to offer. We’re more than confident – and more than proud that the differences speak for themselves. ~@ ~@~@VALUE: Crumrine customers specifically purchase our products because of their perceived and intrinsic value. Research shows that our average customer will keep and actively wear their Crumrine product more than nine years. The company refurbishes thousands of products each year for its customers_ many being more than twenty years old. ~@ ~@~@PRODUCTION STANDARDS: Crumrine products are still manufactured the old-fashioned way-without money saving mechanical or material shortcuts. Each process still retains the same amount of hand work and hand inspection that we used more than twenty-five years ago.