Montana Silversmiths True North Turquoise Jewelry Set JS3218

True North Turquoise Jewelry Set~@~@No one will be able to take their eyes off this gorgeous necklace and earring combo. A green turquoise stands out beautifully next to the antiqued silver. A closer look shows that there are a lot of subtle details like the 4 directional accent points and the pinpoints all around the turquoise_ which creates dimension. It is just enough to be bold_ but not too bold to be hard to pair with outfits. ~@~@A clear stone and 19 inch princess length chain adds a more classic approach to this rather western necklace and earring combination.Outfits will be completed and complemented beautifully with its clean design and gorgeous turquoise. They are made with Rhodium plated over a brass base_ cubic zirconia stones_ paint_ and reconstituted turquoise. The earrings have hypoallergenic stainless steel hooks. ~@~@Materials:~@Rhodium plated over a brass base. Cubic zirconia stones. Paint. Reconstituted turquoise. ~@~@Warranty:~@All Montana Silversmiths jewelry and accessories have a lifetime limited warranty on manufacturing defects when accompanied by a receipt. See our warranty policy for details. ~@~@Care & Storage Message:~@You can maintain your jewelry with an occasional wipe of a damp cloth. DO NOT use chemical or abrasive cleaners.