Myler 2-ring Combo Bit w/Snaffle Wide Barrel Mouthpiece Lvl 1 89-33025

Welcome to a bit that will make your riding experience easier. The Myler 2-ring combination bit combines the features of a ring bit_ shank bit_ and hackamore to create a sophisticated training and riding tool. This bit features 3 ring cheekpieces and a 5 inch comfort snaffle wide barrel mouthpiece. The mouthpiece is made of sweet iron with copper inlay which naturally oxidizes or rusts. Harmless to horses_ it has a sweet taste and promotes salivation. Now comes with black leather noseband and synthetic black curb strap (not as pictured). ~@~@The noseband and chin strap connect through the purchase_ synchronizing pressure to the nose_ chin_ and poll before the mouthpiece engages. If the horse does not respond to the pressure on the nose_ chin_ and poll_ the mouthpiece slides_ giving him another warning. If he ignores the mouthpiece_ it will hit the stop_ causing it to engage. The horse has three opportunities to respond to the rider’s rein pressure before the mouthpiece is engaged. If the horse respects the first pressure_ he can stay on the bit without any tongue pressure or interference with swallowing. This bit can be used for a wide variety of horses and disciplines_ as a training tool to start young horses_ rehabilitating problem horses_ or retraining experienced horses in a new sport. ~@~@Specifications:~@Myler Level: Level 1~@Shank: 4 3/4inch Stainless steel 2 ring combo~@Mouthpiece: MB02: 5inch Comfort snaffle wide barrel