Myler Mullen Low Port Bit w/Forward Tilt Level 2-3 89-11365

This bit by Myler has a 5 inch low port mouthpiece with a forward tilt. Perfect for a horse with basic training with a good disposition and self control. The slight 1/4inch port offers tongue relief; forward tilt applies some tongue pressure. Made of sweet iron with a copper inlay. This mouthpiece will naturally oxidize_ or rust. Harmless to horses_ it has a sweet taste and promotes salivation. Stainless steel 7inch flat shanks. Myler Level 2-3 mouthpiece. ~@~@Specifications:~@Myler Level: Level 2-3~@Shank: Stainless steel 7inch flat shank~@Mouthpiece: MB36: 5inch Mullen Low Port with Forward Tilt~@