Myler Sweet Iron Comfort Snaffle Bit with Wide Barrel Bit 89-11025

This comfort snaffle bit by Myler is a comfortable_ gentle bit that’s perfect for horses just beginning training. The comfort snaffle mouthpiece has a wide barrel and is a more comfortable alternative to single-jointed mouthpieces. The mouthpiece is made of sweet iron_ which oxidizes and turns grey when it is exposed to moisture_ releasing a sweet taste in the horse’s mouth. The mouthpiece will naturally oxidize_ or rust. Harmless to horses_ its sweet taste promotes salivation. ~@~@Specifications:~@Myler Level: Level 1~@Shank: Stainless steel 7inch flat shank~@Mouthpiece: MB02: 5inch sweet iron comfort snaffle with wide barrel and copper inlay mouth~@Myler Bit~@YOUR HORSE:~@Young or green_ just beginning training_ with a challenging disposition~@Riding in a discipline that restricts bits to a single-jointed mouthpiece~@~@THE BIT: ~@Rotates on the tongue to apply tongue pressure~@Collapses to form a inchUinch instead of a inchV_inch protecting the lips and bars from being pinched~@Curves to allow more room for the tongue_ protects the lips and bars from being pinched~@Independent Side Movement on most mouthpieces