Professionals Choice Equisential EQ Performance Short Shank Bit Serie

This bit is excellent for a horse with a soft mouth. Double ring mouthpiece attachment at the cheek eliminates pinching. The gag cheek provides elevation in the shoulders. All of these bits should be adjusted to fit with one wrinkle in the horse’s mouth and a loose curb strap to allow 2-3 fingers. Cheek 5”; Mouthpiece 5 1/8”~@~@Ported Chain – EQB-400 – This mouthpiece will provide the horse with some tongue relief and the chain is light on the bars. Effective in lifting the head and shoulders_ the chain allows for independent rein action while the port encourages collection.~@~@Dogbone – EQB-401 – This mouthpiece is soft on their bars_ making this bit good for lateral control and collection. A wonderful choice when transitioning from a D-Ring or O-Ring snaffle.~@~@Smooth Snaffle with Copper Inlay – EQB-402 – This mouthpiece will apply more pallet and bar pressure and is an excellent all purpose mouthpiece which will work well on most horses. Sweet Iron and copper inlay keep a horse’s mouth moist allowing the bit to move freely.~@~@Lifesaver – EQB-403 – This mouthpiece is a nice transition from the snaffle mouthpiece. The mild copper wire twist keeps the horse’s mouth moist allowing the bit to move freely. It works off of tongue and bar pressure to achieve more break at the poll_ lateral movement_ and more collection.~@~@Twisted Wire Snaffle – EQB-404 – This mouthpiece works similar to a smooth snaffle. The twist adds bar pressure helps to sharpen the focus of a finished horse.