Professionals Choice Equisential Wonder Bit Series EQB-200 EQB-201 EQ

The Wonder Bit is a very versatile gag shank. The siding mouthpiece moves forward engaging poll pressure allowing for more lateral flexion and shoulder elevation.~@~@Wonder Bit with Smooth Snaffle Bit- EQB-200 This mouthpiece will apply more pallet and bar pressure and is an excellent all purpose mouthpiece which will work well on most horses. The sweet iron keeps a horse’s mouth moist allowing the bit to move freely. Cheek: 7 ½” Mouthpiece: 5 ¼”~@~@Wonder Bit with Twisted Wire Bit – EQB-201 This mouthpiece will provide the horse with some tongue relief and the chain is light on the bars. Effective in lifting the head and shoulders_ the chain allows for independent rein action while the port encourages collection. Cheek: 7 ½” Mouthpiece: 5 ¼”~@~@Wonder Bit with Dogbone Roller Bit – EQB-202 This mouthpiece is actually a very mild and useful training tool. The chain conforms to the shape of the horse’s mouth applying mild tongue and bar pressure. This mouthpiece works well on horses in any discipline. Cheek: 7 ½” Mouthpiece: 5 ¼”