Professionals Choice SMx Roper Cinch ROPER

The all-way stretch_ waffle-patterned neoprene is non-slip and acts like a second skin_ gripping and moving with the horse during performance. Wider center design equalizes pressure over a larger girth area for your horse’s comfort. No galling or girth sores to worry about – the SMx® Roper Cinch creates natural lubrication (sweat) and won’t harbor bacteria. Heavy-duty_ reinforced_ stainless steel center D-rings are long lasting_ durable and won’t rust. Stainless steel roller buckle makes cinching easier. Easy to clean – peel neoprene from webbing and wash separately. ~@~@Product Features: ~@Made with waffle-patterned neoprene — Provides four-way stretch for comfort and support_ easy to maintain doesn’t absorb sweat or harbour bacteria_ doesn’t require overtightening and creates natural lubricant to prevent galling ~@Stainless Steel Roller Buckle — Easy to fasten ~@Hook & loop-attached neoprene — Easy to remove for washing ~@Heavy-duty webbing — For strength and durability ~@Double-reinforced stitching — Ensures hardware remains securely in place ~@Stainless steel hardware — Won’t rust even with long-term use ~@Easy to clean — Peel neoprene from webbing and wash separately ~@Product warranty — 30-day money back guarantee / One-year warranty