Tucker Horizon Wanderer Trail Saddle 295

Whether you need more room in the seat_ or you just like a flatter seat_ the Wanderer is the perfect saddle for you. With it’s 2inch wider seat pocket and flatter rise_ there’s plenty of room to get comfortable. And Tucker is watching out for your horse by putting a longer bar in the 18.5inch seat for extra weight distribution which means less pressure is put on your horse’s back.~@~@After more than 35 years of perfecting ultimate trail comfort_ the Tucker trail saddle has evolved into the most advanced equine riding system available today. It’s more than a saddle – it’s the Horizon sears by Tucker!~@~@This Standard saddle features an ergonomic shock absorbing seat and has the most advanced saddle tree system. The English bridle leather is beautifully handcrafted and has a stunning design.~@~@Tri-tech fit system~@Designed to provide hours of riding comfort for your horse~@The base provides modest flexibility to accommodate conformational variances in a horse’s back~@The skirt includes a flexible panel which maximizes weight distribution to help eliminate pressure points for the horse~@The flexible panel has a finger design which allows it to flex independently of the tree for a truly dynamic fit~@Gel-Cush™ bar pad lines the flexible panel to enhance comfort~@Ergonomic Shock Absorbing Seat~@Our redesigned shock absorbing ground seat is contoured to provide a close contact riding experience while reducing impact~@Sculptured cushion design features an ergonomic relief channel that helps eliminate pressure~@Silicone matrix is paired with patented Gel-Cush™ to provide a more comfortable ride while eliminating pressure points in tender areas~@The latest in Gel-Cush™ shock absorbing technology~@English Bridle Leather~@Exceptional quality and naturally resists moisture and the elements~@Dye will not run or rub off~@Luxurious supple feel from the first time that you use it~@Handcrafted with detail to the finest craftsmanship~@Accented with functional trim and stainless steel decorative hardware~@~@Specifications~@Seat: 15.5inch 16.5inch 17.5inch 18.5inch~@Tree: Medium_ Wide~@Color: Brown_ Black (both come with a black seat)~@Cantle: 5inch~@Horn Height: 2.5inch~@Swell: 14.5inch~@Skirt: 26inch Full~@Fenders: Western fenders~@Hardware: Chrome with engraved Tucker logo conchos and rings~@Tooling: Tooled~@Rigging: In-Skirt Western – Single Front Dee (straight rear dee)~@Weight: Approx 31 lbs~@