Twisted X Mens Lite Cowboy Work NWS Steel Toe Boots mlcs007

Twisted X Lite Cowboy Work NWS Steel Toe Boots~@If you want a pair of top-of-the-line boots; if you want a boot with leather outsoles instead of rubber_ well_ you found it. This pair of gold buckle Twisted X boots is high quality and comfortable.~@~@The cognac glazed pebble & lime combination is neutral enough to match anything_ but unique enough to set you apart. Under slung heels ensure stability with their long base.~@~@The boots feature an extended welt and midsole for more comfort if you ride oxbows_ and the top leathers are soft for easy wrapping of the shaft. Give these boots all you want—the heels are nailed on so that there aren’t any mishaps.~@~@Features a steel toe.